How to Use

The following instructions will show you how to assemble and use Boobie Trap bra storage system.

Assembling Boobie Trap

  1. Unpack your Boobie Trap bra shelves and find a flat surface


  1. Take two Boobie Trap bra shelves and locate the connection points along the base of each shelf.


2. Place one bra shelf down, take another bra shelf and align the clips with the grooves. Press firmly and you should hear a click, check all clips are connected.


3. You may find it easier to do this with the bra shelves upside down so you can see the clips and grooves more easily.


4. Follow the same process to connect each shelf.

_mg_8440 _mg_8443


Using Boobie Trap

Once you have set up your Boobie Trap bra storage system you are ready to get your drawer organised.

  1. Get your bras ready. You can do up the hook and eyes or leave them open, it doesn’t matter.


2.Then holding the bra in two hands slot the bra between two bra shelves. They will bend to give you plenty of room and make it easy to insert each bra. You can then pop the matching knickers behind one of the bra cups if you wish.

_mg_8449 _mg_8451


To take Boobie Trap apart simply peel apart each bra shelf.

Get organised with Boobie Trap Bra Storage System
Boobie Trap Bra Storage System will get your drawer or wardrobe organised and make finding the bra you want easy.
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