Hopefully this page will answer all of your questions about Boobie Trap bra storage system. If you have a questions that we haven’t answered please contact us.

Where can I purchase Boobie Trap?
You can purchase Boobie Trap and Boobie Trap gift vouchers right here online in our shop.
Boobie Trap is now available to purchase in America at The Container Store. Visit www.containerstore.com/locations to find a Container Store near you. You can also purchase Boobie Trap from The Container Store online at www.containerstore.com/s/boobie-trap-bra-organizer
For all other locations please send us a message via our contact form with your location (City and Country) and we will give you a price for shipping.

How much does Boobie Trap cost?
1 Boobie Trap gift box costs $39.99 Australian dollars. Prices may vary in store.
We have discounts for purchases multiple Boobie Trap sets,see below:


What’s in the box?
When you buy a Boobie Trap gift box you receive 5 connectable bra shelves and a quick guide which shows you how to set up your Boobie Trap bra storage system.

Will my bras fit in Boobie Trap?
Boobie Trap happily fits bras up to a D cup, it will store larger cups, they just sit up a little higher. This isn’t a problem if your storing Boobie trap on a shelf or a deep drawer. Need something a bit more buxom? Don’t worry we are working on a larger size.

What are the dimensions of Boobie Trap?
1 set of Boobie Trap comes with 5 bra shelves. When these are connected and ready to use the dimensions are as follows:

Remember you can keep connecting more shelves so if you have quite a collection like all of us at Boobie Trap, you can make it as big as you need.

How many bras fit in 1 Boobie Trap set?
1 Boobie Trap set will hold 4 bras between the bra shelves. If you place Boobie Trap snugly in a drawer, you can also pop a bra at each end. If bras are not padded you can fit 2 bras per bra shelf. See the pictures below fro examples.

Do you have gift vouchers?
We certainly do! Gift vouchers can be purchased right here on our website, just visit our shop. Remember when you purchase to let us know the sender name and receiver name so we can add that to the voucher which is sent electronically. Gift vouchers can be redeemed through our shop and are valid for 12 months. Each gift voucher has a unique code and the expiration date.


Get organised with Boobie Trap Bra Storage System
Boobie Trap Bra Storage System will get your drawer or wardrobe organised and make finding the bra you want easy.
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