The idea of Boobie Trap was born when I was packing my bag for a work trip. Upon opening my lingerie drawer I was confronted with a tangled mess of misshapen bras, stretched stockings and scrunched knickers. I didn’t know where to start, and that’s when I thought surely there is a better way to organise my drawer and keep my bras in shape.

After working with an industrial designer and a team of experts we created a simple and super effective bra storage solution, Boobie Trap. By keeping it simple we made Boobie Trap so easy to use and very versatile to fit into any drawer or wardrobe.

Made up of 5 transparent bra shelves, Boobie Trap clips together to store your bras upright in your drawer or wardrobe. Each bra shelf connects to the next so you can keep connecting as many shelves as you need. The bra shelves are transparent which makes finding the bra you are after easy, you no longer need to search through your drawer for the bra you want.

Boobie Trap’s clever design is curved with the natural shape of the bra cup which ensures your bras stay in great condition. When stored without Boobie Trap, bra cups can become dented and wrinkled. Boobie Trap will protect your bras, keeping them in shape and lasting longer.

If you love being organised and tidy and want to look after your lingerie then Boobie Trap is perfect for you. I hope you love Boobie Trap as much as I do!

Emma xx

Get organised with Boobie Trap Bra Storage System
Boobie Trap Bra Storage System will get your drawer or wardrobe organised and make finding the bra you want easy.
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